eddy - Extracting Disk Dynamics

eddy provides a suite of tools to extract kinematical information from spatially and spectrally resolved line data.

The eddy.fit_cube.rotationmap class enables the fitting of a Keplerian rotation pattern to a rotation map to infer geometrical properties of the disk, a dynamical mass of the star, or to infer the presence of a flared emission surface or warp in the disk.

The eddy.fit_annulus.annulus class contains the functionality to infer rotational and radial velocities based on an annulus of spectra extracted from an azimuthally symmetric disk.


Installation is as easy as,

pip install astro-eddy

If you want to live on the edge, you can clone the repository and install that,

pip install .

but I cannot promise everything will work as described here.


If you are having issues, please open a issue on the GitHub page.


If you use eddy in any of your work, please cite the JOSS article,

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The project is licensed under the MIT license.